Debjani Das

Welcome to my page!

A little about myself…

Being of a mixed heritage, I grew up with both Indian and Italian traditions. My father being rooted in India, while my mother was raised in an Italian/Irish household. Being the case, I traveled extensively as a child and continue to do so now.

With my frequent travels to India, I have developed a fascination with the little known facts about the culture. The greatest intrigue being issues that involve gender. Whenever I find myself on Indian soil, I gather as much information as I can before returning home.

An example of the complex gender-structures include the Hijras: India’s third-gender. Commonly referred to as “neither male, nor female.” Here, I will attempt to paint a picture of the complexities these individuals face and explain the social stigma that has plagued them since British rule.

I have a B.A in Anthropology with minors in Archaeology and Sociology. I have worked as an archaeologist in the past with hopes to continue later on. Apart from being a constant researcher, I enjoy photography, writing and traveling.


Debjani Das




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